Joshua is a highly effective communicator…He bridged the gap between criminal life and law enforcement and provided a safe and open environment to educate and counsel the youth within our facility.  Joshua’s openness and drive to improve the lives of young people made him approachable and trustworthy to the youth in custody as well as staff.

L. Miller
Group Supervisor III, San Mateo Co. Dept. of Probation

He (Joshua Mason) has spoken to and counseled literally hundreds of youth/adults incarcerated and those reentering the community. His work has led him to consult many public officials, along with countless youth workers/teachers, many of who have grown weary with working in the systems that breed violence. Joshua is organized and functions to create community with the staff he manages. His writings and curriculum have been recommended to schools, juvenile hall and youth organizations. His model as a community member, father and husband speaks great favor to practicing all that he teaches.

K. Thompson
Dir. of Education, Live In Peace, Inc.

“Joshua added tremendously to the capacity of our staff and other contract trainers by being able to provide first hand insight into the culture of gang-influenced youth. His ability to articulate the complex nature of the mindset and barriers of our neighborhood youth in San Mateo County in a way that translated well to whomever his audience was, be it law enforcement or active gang members, was truly a gift. Joshua did not just highlight the problems; he was constantly seeking solutions and helpful partnerships to bring about accountability and positive change on a community level.”

M. Vilchez
Exec. Dir., Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (PCRC)